“Do or do not, there is no try”- Yoda (Jedi master)

I play guitar, I would like to say I play really well. Growing up, this hobby pulled me through some tough times. In that, I’ve met some great people who enjoy the same things.

It was instilled that if I was going to do something, be great. To be great, it helps to learn from others who are great.

This is a place for you to learn about great people/friends I’ve met over the years. Close to a decade ago my whole site was dedicated to guitar.

It seems fitting to give guitar its own page.


Johnny Hiland, the chicken picken king. Often referred to as the Eddie Van Halen of country music. Great friend: check his site out.

The Way of the Exploding Guitar

Mr. Fastfinger: (Mika Tyyska) is one of my oldest internet friends, a true sensei and world class artist. A modern Da Vinci.


Derryl Gabel, a legendary instructor of guitar virtuosity. He’s a world class gentleman and scholar.


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